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The Side Effects of Memory Nootropics

Before taking any supplement, including a nootropic, it is of the utmost importance that you fully understand the possible side effects. There are many, many nootropics on the market, and each one could potentially have a unique side effect. That’s why we always want to keep up to date on the latest information. We want to boost our memory and cognition, but we need to do it safely. There are some very smart things you can do to protect yourself. Thankfully, with most nootropic drugs, the side effects are light, nonexistent, or extremely rare. We’re going to discuss this issue here so that your purchasing can be completed in a much easier manner.

The Side Effects of Racetams

The Side Effects of Memory NootropicsPerhaps the most well-known of nootropics is piracetam. It is one of the oldest and well-tested nootropics currently on the market. What does it do? Piracetam is a neurotransmitter that is capable of boosting memory functions in several parts of the brain. A multitude of studies have been conducted on both animal subjects and human subjects. In both groups, memory function was greatly improved. These tests also researched the potential toxicity of nootropic drugs and found nothing dangerous about them. Even when animals consumed more than four hundred times the recommended doses they received no ill side effects. Piracetam is one of the safest nootropics you can find.

Nonetheless, there are still a couple side effects of piracetam that we want you to be aware of. Remember that knowing is half of the battle. Some patients who took piracetam noticed an increase in headaches. Not everyone responds to drugs in the same way. Some people might not consider a headache that big of a deal, but others just don’t want to deal with it. This is something you should seriously consider when thinking about adding piracetam to your daily regimen. You might also consider taking choline instead, because it improves the memory, but is not known to cause headaches.

Oxiracetam and aniracetam are other drugs you might want to consider on your quest to improve your memory. They have limited side effects.

The Side Effects That Come With Natural Nootropics

The Side Effects of Memory NootropicsIt isn’t absolutely necessary to seek out memory aids like piracetam. True, supplements like piracetam are easy to take and easy to find, but sometimes you want to try the alternative, which in this case would be a more natural remedy. In recent years, natural remedies have become a big seller in the nootropics field.  Some natural remedies, such as ginkgo have been very well researched and studied in the lab. The results of these tests have proved without a doubt that ginkgo positively affects memory function.

In sophisticated memory tests, patients that took ginkgo improved drastically from those who took no supplements or took a placebo.

We want to enhance our minds in any way we can, and natural nootropics are a great place to start.  That said, you should consider extracts, powders, and pills, as well. These have been lab tested and proven to make a real cognitive difference.

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